Lymphatic Drainage Therapy – A Little Known Weight Loss Secret

You may not know that 80% of all overweight people have a congested lymphatic system. What’s the connection? In a word: toxins.

When your lymphatic system is congested, your body’s ability to remove toxins is severely impaired. In order to protect your health from toxic overload, your brain sends a signal to your body to store more fat to absorb the excess toxins. Decongesting your lymphatic system simply assists your body in the removal of these toxins, eliminating the need for your body to store additional fat.

Since 30% of your lymph nodes are in your belly, and are six inches deep, they cannot be reached with manual lymphatic massage therapy. Electro-Sonic Lymphatic Therapy, on the other hand, is not only able to decongest the just-under-the-skin lymph nodes in your body (called “superficial nodes”), but it also can decongest the deeper lymphatic nodes (30% of all your lymph nodes) in your belly where many of us are storing extra fat.

Samara had tried just about every weight loss diet out there on the market. More than six years ago, doing nothing else but Electro-Sonic Lymphatic Therapy – no diet, no exercise – Samara lost 20 lbs. and managed to keep them off. But she needed to lose more weight and was frustrated and saddened to discover that her weight loss had plateaued. However, after some time, Samara discovered that by combining the Electro-Sonic Lymphatic Therapy with a weight loss program, she was able to continue losing weight for a total of 55 lbs.! It was the continuation of the Electro-Sonic Lymphatic Therapy, which stopped her brain from sending the ‘store the fat’ signal, and the addition of the weight loss program that produced the additional 35-lb. weight loss.

Inspired by her own experience with weight loss and improved health, Samara went on to become an Electro-Sonic Lymphatic Therapy Practitioner, and has been practicing and teaching others the benefits of this wonderful health modality ever since.

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